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Achieving skin with a natural lift and fill doesn’t have to mean invasive procedures. The combination of two unique treatments can offer you natural results while improving even the most stubborn aging skin.

We all love to look and be as natural as possible. Dr. Dy always keeps that in mind when she is looking for ways to use different treatments to deliver the best results to her patients.

Your body contains everything it needs to give your skin a natural glow and tight, youthful appearance.

Dr. Dy offers her patients a cutting-edge treatment that combines the power of volumizers mixed with your own plasma, called PlasmaSculpt treatments to help patients achieve the results they have been looking for. The power of your own collagen and plasma supply, combined with your skin’s natural healing abilities, can bring the vibrance back to your aging skin, lifting and filling to give a natural look without leaving your skin looking fake or “puffy.”

The science behind Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments

PRP is a natural product created by your own body, derived from different components of the blood. A small amount of blood is extracted with a thin needle. Red and white blood cells are then divided, creating plasma that contains a higher number of platelets, thus called platelet rich plasma. These platelets are important because they help skin grow new cells and aid in the healing of tissue. The PRP is injected into specific areas of your skin, generating tissue and encouraging your own collagen to grow. Through this process, the PRP acts naturally to smooth and tighten aging skin, softening wrinkles and giving it a more even texture and tone.

PRP therapy differs from other injections or fillers. Hyaluronic acid fillers are composed of solid material that fill deeper lines and skin folds, such as the folds around the mouth area. They are even used to plump lips. PRP stimulates your own collagen to grow for total facial rejuvenation rather than individual wrinkle improvement.

PRP is used for:

  • Volumizing faces that are beginning to look drawn.
  • Plumping out cheek indentations.
  • Softening under eye hollows.
  • Improving skin tone, tightness and texture.
  • Filling in areas where hyaluronic acid fillers cannot reach or are not safe to use.

Hyaluronic acid fillers can be used with PRP treatments to treat different types of aging in the skin. Hyaluronic acid fillers fill specific lines and folds, while PRP treatments improve overall volume, fullness and skin tone. The two supplement each other to give the best final outcome, giving you a tight, youthful face with increased elasticity.

The difference between PlasmaSculpt and traditional fillers

Traditional fillers do not occur naturally in our bodies. PlasmaSculpt is a combination of Sculptra (PLLA) and Platelet Rich Fibers (PRF). PRP and PRF are natural products created from your body’s own blood supply. When the two are injected into your skin, they stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin. The treatment regenerates tissue while smoothing your skin, and reconstructs your natural support structure for youthful looking skin and volume.

PlasmaSculpt works with your body’s natural process to rebuild your collagen over a four to six month period of time. It gradually creates a more natural look without leaving any obvious lines where the filler is placed. Since fillers are instant, they are usually obvious, leaving many looking too ‘filled’ and overdone. You can expect PlasmaSculpt results to last at least two to five years, whereas traditional fillers typically only last three to six months.

Why PRP treatments and PlasmaSculpt are more powerful when used together

PlasmaSculpt treatments and PRP treatments are both incredibly effective when used alone, but they are especially effective when they are used in combination. When the two treatments are used together, they build up more volume in the skin to provide longer lasting results. These combined treatments are perfect for males and females who want more volume but don’t want to look to sculpted.

When Dr. Dy administers these two treatments togethers, collagen production is stimulated and provide better, more natural looking results than using just fillers alone. Although these treatments can leave you with possible bruising, not everyone experiences it. Those who experience it can easily cover up the bruises with makeup.



Dr. Lady Christine Dy, Dermatologist

Dr. Lady Dy is one of the most sought after dermatologists in the United States. She has studied all over the world and has worked with the world’s leading experts in skin and hair. Her patients fly from all over North America, Dubai, Norway and Korea to be treated by her in Chicago. To learn more about laser treatments, contact Dy Dermatology Center. Click here to request an appointment or call the dermatology center at (847) 832-1185.