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Cosmetic Services

Dr. Dy’s Approach to Cosmetic Dermatology

While you are beautiful as you are, you may want to reclaim or enhance some of your features. To do this, you must have a competent, compassionate physician to walk you through every step of your transformation.

Dr. Lady Dy works to assist her patients in attaining their ideal look. A person with radiant skin stands out in a crowd. Patients may desire to get their “glow” back. Dr. Dy focuses on creating a glowing, radiant appearance by enabling her patients’ skin to reflect as much light as possible. Many of Dr. Dy’s patients say having radiant looking skin makes them happier about their appearance and also boosts their self-confidence.

Dr. Dy strives for her patients to look natural and feel refreshed; youthful, and glowing without a hint of cosmetic intervention.

Dr. Lady Dy Demonstrates AccuVein

Everyone is Unique

Dr. Dy treats each of her patients as individuals. She does not create cosmetic alterations based on images and ideals promoted in the media. She asks patients to bring photos from times in their lives when they look their best so she can help recapture the youthful elements depicted in those photos. This way, Dr. Dy’s patients regain as much of their natural appearance as possible.

Dr. Dy encourages patients to enhance their own natural beauty, so as not to lose their individual, unique identity. How many people have you seen on television, or in the media, and you know have had cosmetic surgery, and enhancements, and many times are barely recognizable? You wonder what happened to them? Dr. Dy’s patients are so pleased, and happy to see their own features refined and enhanced and made to look more youthful. Patients leave Dr. Dy’s office looking fresh, and healthy, not cosmetically overdone.

A Multi-Cultural Understanding of Skin

Dr. Dy’s approach to the subtle physical differences in various ethnic groups is exceptional because she fully understands that the definition of beauty is different in every culture. Dr. Dy’s vision, along with her patient’s input, creates a unique plan for each patient.

A Look Inside Our Practice

Dr. Lady C. Dy has the combined expertise in dermatology and pathology, which means she understands skin, hair and nail diseases at a microscopic level so that she can treat patients in a most precise and effective way.

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