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Scalp Biopsy

What is a Scalp Biopsy?

The first step to regrowing hair is identifying the cause of the hair loss. A scalp biopsy is sometimes recommended by Dr. Dy to aid in the diagnosis. This is an in-office outpatient surgical procedure. Local anesthetic is injected into the scalp tissue to minimize any pain. Dr. Dy uses a 4-mm punch biopsy tool to obtain the tissue sample. As a board certified dermatopathologist, Dr. Dy personally examines the tissue under the microscope so that she can give you a diagnosis as well as assess the potential for future hair regrowth.

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Dr. Lady C. Dy has the combined expertise in dermatology and pathology, which means she understands skin, hair and nail diseases at a microscopic level so that she can treat patients in a most precise and effective way.

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