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Hair Regrowth Options

Once Dr. Dy determines the cause of the hair loss, she will formulate a treatment plan to help you stop it. There are a variety of hair loss treatments available but unfortunately, there is no one particular treatment option that is the “magic bullet”. Treatments can include oral or topical prescription medications, nutritional and vitamin supplementation, non-prescription topical medicines, laser light therapy, platelet rich plasma treatment (PRP) along with growth factor peptide scalp microneedling. Hair transplantation is also a viable option, if appropriate. Dr. Dy will recommend the appropriate treatments that have shown positive results in clinical studies. Dr. Dy may also recommend a single or combinational approach for more complex cases of hair loss. How quickly you see results depends on the type and severity of your hair loss condition. Regrowing hair is not possible in certain situations.

Below are examples of treatment options that we use to regrow hair:

If you would like to schedule a consultation to find out about the cause or causes of your hair loss and explore treatment options, call Dy Dermatology Center at 847.832.1185. Please click the “New Patient Hair Intake form” and fill it out prior to the visit to expedite your registration process.

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Dr. Lady C. Dy has the combined expertise in dermatology and pathology, which means she understands skin, hair and nail diseases at a microscopic level so that she can treat patients in a most precise and effective way.

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