prp treatments for hair lossCould the answer to your hair loss problem be pumping through your veins right now?

Let’s face it: hair loss is common. More than 30 million women and 50 million men in the U.S. suffer from androgenetic alopecia, more simply known as hair loss. Many of those who suffer from hair loss are looking for an answer, and it turns out we may have found it: right in your own body.

Platelet-rich plasma treatment (PRP) is the latest treatment for hair loss, and studies show that it works really well. Your blood harvests growth factors that is found in the plasma, which helps stimulate hair growth. With a thin needle, your own blood is injected into your scalp across the thinning area to regrow hair using the plasma from the blood.

It may sound like an odd procedure, but there’s real science behind these treatments proving that it is safe and effective for patients looking for answers to hair loss.

Dr. Lady Dy of Dy Dermatology Center is the foremost expert in hair loss in the Greater Chicago area. Dr. Dy’s patients travel from around the world to be treated by her.

Here are three reasons Dr. Dy loves PRP treatments:

  • It’s already been medically tested. PRP therapy has been used throughout a large variety of medical specialties such as Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Dental Reconstruction, Facial Plastic Surgery, Dermatology etc.. It is used to help repair damaged muscles, cartilage, ligaments, and repair chronic tendon injuries. It’s also used to reduce arthritis pain and naturally rejuvenate skin.

  • It’s an effective and all-natural treatment for hair growth. The sample of blood is obtained and processed to separate the platelets and plasma from other components like the red blood cells. The plasma containing the platelets are then injected into the scalp activating the release of powerful molecules such as growth factors that stimulate hair growth resulting in increased hair thickness, count and even prolonged hair growth cycle. There are no chemicals used. Only your own blood.
  • The treatment is quick, easy and non-surgical. The outpatient procedure takes approximately 45 minutes to perform. Patients may resume all activities, including workouts etc. immediately after the procedure but should wait to shampoo their hair the following day. Most patients experience minimal pain. The best part? There’s no real risk associated with the treatments – just the possibility of minor soreness and redness of the scalp, if any, but that resolves in less than a day. Improved hair growth can be measured in a matter of weeks.

“Not all platelet-rich plasma treatments are created equal,” says Dr. Dy. “The success of a person’s hair growth outcome with PRP is dependent on the PRP system, the concentration of the platelets, the protocol, and the doctor’s technique.”

Do PRP treatments sound like they could be the answer for your hair loss problem? Dr. Dy can help you decide, and build a treatment plan that will work best for you.



Dr. Lady Christine Dy, Dermatologist

Dr. Dy is the foremost expert in hair loss in the Greater Chicago area. Dr. Dy’s patients travel from around the world to be treated by her. Dr. Dy attended the 10th World Congress Hair Research meeting in Kyoto, Japan in November 2017 where she brought back valuable information on topics like PRP for her patients and colleagues in the United States. To learn more about hair loss and to find the treatment plan that’s right for you, contact Dy Dermatology Center. Click here to request an appointment or call the dermatology center at (847) 832-1185.