Shape Magazine Interviews Dr. Lady Dy about Cleansing SticksGet clean on the go and at the gym with these cleansing and moisturizing beauty sticks! This interview with Dr. Lady Dy was recently featured in Shape Magazine.

Here’s an excerpt and a link to the full article:

Chances are you put a good amount of thought into the skin care you use at home, so why should all of that go out the door when you’re on the move? Thankfully, more brands are coming out with solid cleansing and moisturizing formulas, so you no longer need to compromise between a good complexion and an active lifestyle.

“Certain cleansing sticks are great if you have sensitive skin since you don’t need to use cleansers found in public facilities,” says Lady Dy, M.D., founder of the Dy Dermatology Center. “I tell people who have hand eczema to carry one in their pockets for washing their hands and keeping eczema from flaring.”

From grime-removing scrubs to soothing balms, scroll through to discover the one-stop stick that belongs in your gym bag.