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Dr. Dy and the team at Dy Dermatology Center are pleased to offer comprehensive dermatological, surgical and cosmetic services. We treat skin, hair, and nail disorders, as well as ethnic skin and pigmentation disorders. Dr. Dy is passionate about the field of Dermatology, and is enthusiastic about sharing her 14 years of experience with you.

Dy Dermatology Center opened its doors in February, 2016 and is a state-of-the-art facility located in Glenview Illinois.

Dr. Dy’s 
Experience Stands Out

Prior to opening Dy Dermatology Center, Dr. Dy served as Assistant Professor, Dermatologist, Cosmetic Surgeon and Dermatopathologist for the Department of Dermatology at Rush University Medical Center. Dr. Dy also has extensive clinical experience in hair loss and pigmentation disorders, including ethnic skin and hair disorders.

Dr. Dy continuously researches, explores and analyzes current therapies and technological advancements so that she can provide unsurpassed care to all patients. Dr. Dy believes that a
well-informed patient is a satisfied patient.

  • Double Board Certified: 
    Dermatology; Dermatopathology (the microscopic study of skin diseases).
  • Specialist:  Dermatopathology; Cosmetic Dermatology; Hair and Scalp Disorders; Ethnic Skin.
  • Former Rush University: Professor of Dermatology; Director of the Rush Ethnic Hair and Skin Clinic; Director of the Rush Residency Program – for training future Dermatologists; Clinician and Dermatopathologist.
  • Fellowship:  Dermatopathology at the University of Chicago.
  • Residency:  Dermatology at Indiana University and Moi University, Kenya.
  • Medical Education:  the internationally renowned MacMaster Medical School, Canada.
  • Fluent Languages:  English, Tagalog, and various Chinese Dialects.

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Medical dermatology treats a wide variety of conditions which affect the hair, skin, and nails, including damage from diseases and trauma from various incidents. Medical dermatology also treats conditions that arise from birth defects.


Dr. Dy is both a dermatopathologist and a clinician, which means that she performs more than just clinical encounters. As a dermatopathologist, Dr. Dy examines tissue at the microscopic level;  thus, she can better correlate conditions at that level with those at the clinical level.  This layered, deeper understanding of dermatology leads to a more accurate diagnosis and more comprehensive care for her patients.

Procedure of face lifting surgery


Surgical dermatologic care manages both medical and cosmetic skin conditions through surgical procedures. The goal of these procedures is to maintain the skin’s health, and may repair damaged skin or improve the skin’s appearance.


While our medical or cosmetic surgical treatments may be invasive at times, they are not disruptive.  Dy Dermatology uses the latest techniques to provide optimal results while minimizing your recovery time. This means that you can return to normal life as soon as possible;  Dr. Dy is dedicated to ensuring that her patients have an exceptional experience from the initial consultation through surgery and recovery.


Some people are graced with naturally porcelain skin, while others need assistance achieving their desired appearance. Fortunately, modern technology allows dermatologists to help every patient attain their ideal look. Dr. Dy’s overall cosmetic approach is based on looking as natural and fresh as possible, regardless of age. Dr. Dy wants her patients to look healthy and refreshed without a hint that any cosmetic intervention has occurred. She tells patients that it is natural to age, but that she will intervene to have them age as slowly and as gracefully as possible.


The are many different types of hair loss, some of which are reversible while others are not. Scalp inflammation which eventuates in a shiny appearance on the scalp will result in permanent hair follicle loss. Therefore, early recognition and intervention is the key to halting or slowing hair loss.  Some of the most common treatments employed are:  Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment; LED Light therapy; Micro Needling Treatment; Vitamin Supplementation; and Drug Therapy. Dr. Dy is a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss.

  • Board Certified in the Following Specialties:
    • Dermatology
    • Dermatopathology (the microscopic study of skin diseases)
  • Specialist in the Following Areas:
    • Cosmetic Dermatology
    • Hair and Scalp Disorders
    • Ethnic Skin
  • Former Rush University:
    • Professor of Dermatology
    • Director of the Rush Ethnic Hair and Skin Clinic
    • Director of the Rush Residency Program – for training future Dermatologists
    • Clinician and Dermatopathologist
  • Fellowship in Dermatopathology at the University of Chicago
  • Residency in Dermatology at Indiana University and Moi University, Kenya
  • Medical Education at the Internationally Renowned MacMaster Medical School, Canada
  • Fluent in English, Tagalog, and various Chinese Dialects

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Every other Saturday: 8:30AM - 1:00PM

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Take I 90/94 to I 94 toward Milwaukee , exit at Lake, going westbound on Lake to Waukegan. Practice is at Lake and Waukegan.

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Take I 190 to I 294 toward Milwaukee, exit at Willow, going eastward on Willow to Waukegan. Make a right onto Waukegan and head south to Lake. Practice is at Lake and Waukegan.

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