Out with the old and in with the new YOU!

Take advantage of these special promotions throughout the month of December at Dy Dermatology Center. And don’t delay… these offers expire at the end of 2020!


Purchase Fotona 4D non-invasive laser face lifting package of 3 for $3500 and receive a complimentary medium depth laser peel treatment ($700 value).  Fotona 4D is a unique combination of four distinct modes of laser treatment harnessed in concert to combat facial aging and provides facial tightening and volumization without injectables and no downtime.  

Purchase 1 treatment of Halo Fractional Laser full face for $1350 (10% savings) and receive a complimentary laser treatment to the hands ($300 total savings).  Halo eliminates dull skin, discoloration, sun damage, poor texture.  

Purchase Vivace RF Microneedling series of 3 treatments for $2300 and receive a complimentary 4th treatment ($850 value).  This procedure tightens & alleviates wrinkles & fine lines, and improves skin tone, reduces pore size with virtually no down time.  

Purchase 1 AquaGold  Microneedling + HA boosting technique for $700 and receive a complimentary Hydrafacial MD prior to the treatment (same day)  ($175 savings).   AquaGold microneedling + HA boosting technique effectively delivers treatment with 24K pure gold-plated surgical grade stainless steel microchannels. Treatment consists of a combination of superficial microinjections of hyluronic acid to boost skin hydration; neuromodulator to reduce pore size and lines; vitamins; growth factors to nourish and tighten the skin.  

Purchase 2 fillers for $1400 and receive complimentary Botox to 1 area ($450 value).

Purchase 3 fillers at $2100 to rejuvenate the lower or upper face and receive complimentary Botox to 2 sites ($650 value).

Purchase 3 in-office Skin Pen Microneedling Stem Cell booster treatments for $1500 and receive an additional complimentary treatment. ($500 value)

Purchase 6 Hydrafacial MD facials for $875 and receive a complimentary Eye or Lip Perk enhancement.  Special note:  Hydrafacial individual treatments will be increasing January 1, 2021 to $185 per treatment.  Package of 3 will increase from $450 to $500.

Purchase Ulthera Ultrasound treatment to lift, tighten and smooth your lower face for $2600 and receive a complimentary brow treatment ($900 savings).

SNORE NO MORE, purchase Fotona Nightlase laser snoring treatments, package of 3 for $1700 ($300 savings).  Nightlase treatment is a fast, non-invasive, and no appliances friendly way of increasing quality of sleep.  

Acne and Acne scars Laser treatment, small area $500 ($100 savings), medium area $1000 ($200 savings), large area $1500 ($300 savings).  Laser treatment reduces acne inflammation by heating overactive sebaceous glands, accelerating the healing process and reducing the possibility of developing new acne inflammation.  Laser treatment of acne scars is based on a precise and gentle skin resurfacing procedure, where the laser is absorbed by the top micro-layers of the skin to vaporize scarred skin and stimulate the production of new collagen in the dermis.


Stretch Mark Laser Treatment package of 3.  Lasers are ideally suited for the effective treatment of a wide range of scar tissues.  Laser skin resurfacing is used for the gentle removal of scar and stretch mark tissue and the activation of collagen remodeling.  Purchase a small area at $1000 ($200 savings, medium area at $1800 ($400 savings), large area at $2500 ($700 savings).  


SCULPSURE + TIGHTSCULPTING combination therapy to reduce, sculpt and tighten your body with combination laser treatments.  SCULPSURE body contouring permanently reduces up to 24% of unwanted body bulges.  TIGHTSCULPTING is intended for superficial as well as deep heating of the skin, with the purpose of reducing localized fat deposition and shaping the body by heating shrinkable connective structures.  Purchase 1 treatment area (16 packs & 2 treatment sessions) at $4050 ($1250 savings).  Add additional areas at 50% off. Perfect for diminishing stubborn fat deposits and/or smoothing out residual lumpiness from post liposuction.


Purchase 6 PRP treatments for hair growth at $4200 and receive bi-weekly in-office Capillus treatment (24 sessions/16 weeks) ($1680 value); or 4 complimentary Fotona hair laser treatments ($1500 value).

Purchase a package of 4 Fotona Hair Growth Laser treatments for $1500 and receive a complimentary 5th treatment ($400 savings).


Call Dy Dermatology Center today to purchase and schedule your treatment! Offers expire 12/31/2020. Treatments must be completed by 11/30/2021. All offers require an in-office consultation, which is complimentary with the purchase of these offers.